House for sale, Albania

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231 m²
The Collection consists of 63 luxury villas for sale built to the highest construction and design standards. Constructed close to a UNESCO national park in a waterfront position in a coastal area of outstanding beauty, Kep Merli’s luxury residences echo modern Mediterranean architectural style, with clean facades and open spaces. The transition from interior to exterior is delicate, bringing architecture closer to nature as per our philosophy. The first floor of each villa is characterized by open plan living, where functional areas harmonically intermingle. Internationally and locally renowned architects conceived the interiors of each residence to make the most of the warm, Mediterranean climate. Fully retractable glass doors open onto extensive terraces, while high ceilings and generous windows maximize the exposure to natural light. Most importantly, you never have to choose – in every room of every waterfront villa for sale, the sea never leaves your eyes. The luxury Villas provide a lifestyle rather than a living space. The untouched mediterranean paradise you've been looking for! With 380 miles of coastline, charming seaside village, a range of facilities and restaurants within the resort, the Ionic paradise is being touted as the next destination among adventurous beach-seekers. Historic towns, ancient ruins and numerous beaches, lagoons and bays.
1100 m²
This property is for sale. This home contains 25 rooms and has a livable surface of 1100 m². It is in good condition. The land has a total surface area of 2200 m². This home offers a clear view. This home contains 3 kitchens. It has 1 study room. There is a garage and a parking space big enough for 20 cars. The property comprises a garden of 1100 m² of 2200 m² of 72 m² of 32 m².